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Made from
MAGNESIUM ALLOY, The PH-273QL and PH-263QL incorporate hollow balls to reduce their weight further. These are extraordinary light weight ball&socket heads.

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Compact Magnesium ballhead made of diecast magnesium for light weight and strength. Single lever operation with panning. The base diameter is 42mm.

Net weight: 0.16kg, Height: 8.1cm
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A mini compact ball head with single lever operation. Weight capacity is 1.5kg.

Net weight 0.15kg, Height 5.0cm
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2-handle 3-way head. Magnesium alloy. Ideal for medium size CF tripods.

Net weight: 0.49kg, Height: 10.0cm
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PH-157Q 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head (Quick Release) All die-cast metal construction with quick release and large pan handle. Head Type 3-Way pan/tilt with quick release Max. Camera Supported 35mm SLR with medium zoom lens.

Net weight: 0.58kg, Height: 4.1cm
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