New Twist & Lock leg system for fast and easy set-up, with the benefit of other MAX-i features.

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4-way pan and tilt "Revolver" head with quick release platform which is suitable for 35mm, digital and video usage.


5-section legs makes this perfect tripod 155 cm long when fully extended and just 35 cm short when folded. Very light (0.96 kg) and steady tripod designed for compact digital cameras and camcorders with exceptional performance.


Comparison between the 36cm minimum and 155cm maximum heights is unbelievable!
Unique 5-section legs just 21 mm in diameter enables you to make this tripod just 35 cm short when folded.

Shorter one of ULTRA LUXi-F accompany with PH-353 Ball/Socket head. Ideal for Digital/Analogue SLR camera because of patented DIRECT CONTACT PIPE tripod becomes just 34cm when folded, yet extended height at 122cm.


DIRECT CONTACT PIPE. Ball/Socket head PH-343. Fully low-angle at 15.7cm from the Ground level, which enables to take macro photography. Ideal for a compact digital camera. Maximum height including elevator extension, 122cm. With carrying case.


Ideal for a digital camera. DIRECT CONTACT PIPE. 39cm folded length yet 161cm maximum height, constructing with thicker legs than that of MAXi for further sturdiness and durability to support a Digital/Analogue SLR camera. Unique panhead PH-145Q. Extra low-low angle position. Carrying case is included.


Upgrade from ULTRA MAXi having new function to obtain low angle. F means Flat in this context. DIRECT CONTACT PIPE. Minimum height 16.5cm, maximum height 155 cm. 4-WAY head PH-237Q has swing function 90 degree to right and left. Quick release platform is very much thinner but it is made of Aluminum to maintain durability. Tripod carrying case is attached.
“Tripod to go” has come true at your hand!


Trunnion Shaft legs: The legs of most tripods are joined to the head via bolts through the top of each leg, however the Ultra MAXi incorporates non-piercing bolts: (i.e. each leg extends the entire inside length of the outer leg casing), making the tripod extremely compact when folded, yet when extended the tripod measures a full 155 cm. This unique system is called the Trunnion Shaft System (TSS). Suitable for most compact digital cameras and camcorders.