A range of Professional tripods made from Carbon Fibre & Magnesium Alloy.
Extremely light, stable and strong.

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Sherpa PRO Series tripods feature Velbons
unique 'Inner Jut Pipe' system. This makes the legs more sturdy and stops them from rotating when the locking nuts are tightened or loosened.

Sherpa PRO tripods remain very sturdy, even when used at their maximum height 173 cm, 190 cm respectively.

Each leg is individually adjustable, enabling your tripod to achieve its ideal position, even on difficult terrain.

By removing the splittable centre column, the legs can be opened to their maximim spread, allowing you to shoot at ultra low angles.
Minimum height of 17.5cm can be achieved by splitting the centre column.

The meaning of Carmagne:
Carbon + Magnesium: Legs constructed from carbon fibres and body consists of magnesium. Carbon fibres produced by pultrusion technology achieves extreme light weight and robust structure. Specific gravity of magnesium is only 1.7 This is two thirds weight of aluminum and one quarter weight of steel. Also, magnesium is far superior to aluminum or steel in terms of vibration-absorption, anticorrosion, dimension-stability with temperature change and overall strength.


Sherpa PRO CF-830 (NEW)

3-section leg version of CF-840 with the same maximum height. Made from Magnesium alloy body and Carbon fibre legs with inner jut pipe. Lighter thanCF-840 but with longer folded length.

#CF - 830 (NEW)

  Sherpa PRO CF-840 (NEW)

4-section legs made from Carbon fibre and with inner jut pipe. Extraordinarily tall (up to 200 cm) with high stability. Designed to be tall, this means a slightly higher lowest position and heavier weight than CF-830. When folded achieves a length of just 68.3 cm! The body is made from Magnesium alloy which reduces weight to the minimum.
#CF - 840 (NEW)

  Sherpa PRO CF-730 (NEW)

3-section legs made from Carbon fibre and with inner jut pipe. Extra tall maximum height (190 cm) and very low weight (just 2.35 kg) achieved thanks to the Magnesium alloy body. Very low minimum height just 14.2 cm. The result is a very steady, light tripod with exceptionally wide range of achievable heights.
#CF - 730 (NEW)

  Sherpa PRO CF-740 (NEW)

4-section legs made from Carbon fibre and with inner jut pipe enables this professional tripod to reach a maximum height of 173 cm with a weight of just 2.3 kg. Weight is reduced thanks to Magnesium alloy body and inner jut pipe ensures extra stability. Length when folded is just 58 cm.
#CF - 740 (NEW)
  Sherpa PRO CF-435 (NEW)

Aluminium alloy body + Carbon legs. with Spike + Rubber feet.
3-section legs with foam grip, lever locking systems Full-, Semi- low angle positions.
Split center column to enable the tripod to use as "grounder".
Light weight yet, sturdy tripod for the advance amateurs, for traveling with.
#CF - 435 (NEW)