Strong and versatile tripods for professionals and advanced amateurs.

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3 way Panhead PH-157Q:
The 3-way panhead with quick release system incorporates some clever features such as a one-touch handle that allows locking of both pan and tilt movements with one twist. The handle is mounted on the left which allows the user to keep their right hand free to operate the camera.

Slanting toothed gear: Most models in the Sherpa range feature slanting toothed geared elevator for smooth adjustment.
Friction adjuster:
Enables adjustment in tension of centercolumn elevator. After extending elevator, tension can be increased by rotating Friction Adjuster.

The method of S.R.C. (Splitable Racked Column):
This, the world's first S.R.C. system allows the elevation column to be split into two sections for near ground operation as low as 28cm.

Each leg has quick locks and an individually adjustable span which allows normal, semi and full low angle shooting.



Sherpa 200R (NEW)

3-section legs and Slide center column elevator with the 3-way head PH-157Q.
with a quick-release plate.
All aluminum tripod, basic model. Quick lever locking legs are for speedy set up.


Spare Platform:

#Sherpa 200R (NEW)

Sherpa 250R (NEW)

3-section legs, geared elevator, 3-way panhead with quick-release platform. General purpose model, just 2.1kg and 154cm maximum height. This is a shorter version of Sherpa 450.


Spare Platform: QB-157

Sherpa 250R
#Sherpa 250R (NEW)

Sherpa 450R (NEW)

This is a deluxe photo tripod featuring 3-section legs. The leg assembly is constructed of die-cast components and extruded aluminum tubular legs with quick side-lever locks for fast and easy set-up. A geared-elevator allows the center column to be set at precisely the required height. Panhead is the 3 way PH-157Q.


Spare Platform: QB-157

Sherpa 450R
#Sherpa 450R (NEW)

Sherpa 550R (NEW)

3-section legs are able to be widely open to have low angle position. Splitable rack
Centre column is patented and unique device only for Sherpa 550R as well as 750R.
3-way head PH-157Q is attached.


Spare Platform:

#Sherpa 550R (NEW)

Sherpa 600R (NEW)

This model features a sliding center column which is removable, so that it can be inverted, making a more versatile tripod. Sherpa 600n has a choice of 3 leg angles, allowing the tripod to be operated with maximum stability and giving low level capabilities-down to just 29cm. Other features include a splittable center column to allow near ground level operation and PH-157Q 3-way panhead with Velbon's quick release system and one touch locking of pan and tilt actions.

Spare Platform: QB-157

Sherpa 600R
#Sherpa 600R (NEW)

Sherpa 750R (NEW)

This 4-section tripod incorporates unique and innovative features which allow extremely versatile camera control. The four section legs allow the tripod to be a compact 54cm in length when folded, yet when fully extended it reaches a solid, useful height Vof 155cm.

Spare Platform: QB-157

Sherpa 750R
#Sherpa 750R (NEW)

Sherpa 435 (NEW)

Aluminum alloy body + Aluminum legs, with Rubber feet.
Unique 4-way head with Quick release platform with 3-postions
bubble leveler.
3-section legs, lever locking systems. Full-, Semi- low angle ositions.
Split center column to enable the tripod to use as “grounder”.
Light weight yet, sturdy tripod for the advance amateurs and traveling with.

Spare Platform:

#Sherpa 435 (NEW)

Sherpa 538 (NEW)

FHD-51Q Fluid head is attached, good for Bird watching and video camcorders.
All black finishing body and radial braces are supporting tripod legs strongly.
3-section legs and Leg Pochette is attached.

Spare Platform:

#Sherpa 538 (NEW)