Unique tripods with patented new leg system and compact heads - ideal for digital cameras and camcorders.


All MAX-i tripods feature Velbon's patented Trunnion Shaft legs, which have non-piercing bolts. This allows each inner leg section to occupy the full space inside the outer leg and makes MAX-i tripods compact when folded, but tall when extended.


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  MAX-i 347GB (NEW)

4-section legs enable this tripod to reach a maximum height of 158 cm and just 42.7 cm when folded. Extremely light and handy (1.2 kg), a must for every photographer. Supplied with PH-237Q 4-way "Revolver" pan head. Features a geared centre column for accuracy and braced legs for stability.
#MAX-i 347GB (NEW)


All black finishing, 4-way head PH-337Q with quick release plate.
5-section compact tripod for traveling with, tripod carrying case is attached.