Advanced technology tripods with innovative features, for everyday use.


Maximum load-weight is for guidance purposes only.

Figures will vary depending on shooting conditions.

CX series panheads are not detachable from the center column.

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3nway panhead with quick release, slide elevator, radial braces, 3nsection legs, rubber feet. Table top mini tripod, ideal for low-level pictures and macrophotography. Maximum height 64cm.


Spare Platform: QB-4LC




3nway panhead with quick release platform, geared elevator, radial braces, bubble leveller, 3nsection legs, rubber feet. Wide pentagonal platform with aerodynamic design. Large size model.


Spare Platform: QB-5W




3nway panhead with aerodynamic design. Quick release, geared elevator, bubble leveller, radial braces, 3nsection legs, rubber feet. Popular size tripod, ideal for 35mm SLR camera.


Spare Platform: QB-5W




Scaled down version of CX-560, with quick release platform. Light weight, ideal for compact camera and 35mm SLR with short lens. Aerodynamic designed panhead.


Spare Platform: QB-4W




3nway panhead, same as on CX-460, 4nsection legs. Folded length 48cm, but maximum height 145cm. Compact but with good maximum height, ideal for travel and fits into many camera bags. Aerodynamic designed panhead. (CX-888 version is avaliable in China, Taiwan, and Singapore).

Spare Platform: QB-4W


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