A range of products ideal for use in Macro photography or in the studio.

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Light Stand LS-1

LS-1 is a light weight but solid light stand constructed from Aluminium. With the DP-3D, it can be used for an instant photo studio in the corner of photo shop.

Maximum Height: 184cm, Folded length: 46cm, Maximum load: 1.5kg
Net weight: 0.8kg
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Dolly DL-11

DL-11 is a light weight dolly with wheel locking system. Ideal for video tripod DV-7000.

2-section arms, diameter of spread legs: 61cm up to 84cm

Net weight: 1.1kg
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Super Mag Plate

Made from Magnesium alloy. A maximum of 3 camera can be attached to one plate.

(L)360mm x (W)63mm x (H)25mm
Net weight: 0.44kg
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Super Mag Slider

Made from Magnesium alloy. Light weight, and smooth action for adjusting focus in macro-photography. A MF-screw driver is included to remove the bottom screw adapter. Once removed, the base will accept a 3/8 inch tripod screw.

(L)210mm x (W)120mm x (H)70mm
Net weight: 0.47kg,
Slide stroke (Forward: 60mm, Side: 30mm)
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