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The Tripod Innovators. (NEW)

Whether you need a tripod for a digital, 35mm, medium or large format camera, video camera, binoculars or scopes, Velbon has a model with the quality, craftsmanship and exact features to meet your needs.


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Tripod: the names of parts

1.     Pan-handle
2.     Elevator (Center column)
3.     Crank handle
4.     Body
5.     Leg rib
6.     Leg assembly
7.     Guide pipe
8.     Brace arm
9.     Arm guide
10.  Leg locking lever
11.  Leg tip (rubber foot)

Velbon tripods are made of metal or carbon fibre.
New modes have many new unique features.

  Panhead: the names of parts

1.     Pan-handle
2.     Elevator (Center column)
12.   Video boss (Retractable)
13.   Camera screw
14.   Platform locking lever
15.   Quick-release platform
16.   Panning lock nut
17.   Side tilt locking nut (vertical position)
  Velbon panheads provide perfect functions for
amateurs and professionals.

  Specification Symbols

Maximum height, including elevator extention
Minimum height, or low-angle position (Some of the tripods have ultra-low angle function incorporating splitable center column. Which allows the legs to open wider and get closer to ground level)
Folded length
(Please select your carrying case based on this)
Leg sections, shape of leg pipe/tube, diameter of the first leg
Net weight
Suggested weight of maximum load comparing the balance with the tripodís weight/ Maximum Capacity for loaded weight.
Maximum height (for monopod)
Folded length (for monopod)
Built with Carbon fibre legs
Made from magnesium alloy
  Thank to perfect materials and original design
Velbon tripods offer wide range of heights high
stability with very low weight.